What is IMEI and where do I find it?

You may have heard the term ‘IMEI’ when being asked to talk about your device or when you are looking to trade-in / sell your phone. But what exactly is an IMEI and where do you find it?

IMEI stands for ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’, which is a unique number that helps identify every individual mobile device.

When we repair phones, using the IMEI is a secure way to track the item and ensure the correct device is worked on and directed appropriately.

A standard IMEI is a 14-digit number sequence that typically appears in the format XX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-X

Still reading? We don’t want to bore with you the facts… so let’s get looking for your IMEI!

There are multiple ways to find your IMEI:

On an iPhone simply go to Settings > General > About. In here, when you scroll down you will find your IMEI.

On Android it is just as simple. Go to Settings > About Phone. Scroll down to find your IMEI.

Alternatively, you can dial *#06# from your device. Your IMEI number will then be displayed on screen.

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