What Does Refurbished Mean?

The formal definition of ‘refurbished’ is a phone or device that has previous owners but, unlike a second-hand phone, a retailer will have repaired it, run checks and ensured it is a certain standard. But here at Frift, refurbished means a whole lot more…

At Frift we pride ourselves in using market-leading testing software, operated by our incredible tech-team with over 100 years combined industry experience. With more than 170 check-points actioned; focusing on battery life, audio, touch screen compatibility and much more, we ensure devices function as good as new.

During these check-points our team will determine if parts need replacing or repairing. We will only ever use high-quality, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts when a replacement is necessary.

You may question why the same phone comes in different ‘conditions’ with varying price points. The reason isn’t because it can’t be refurbished, a majority of phones with love, care and attention can look brand-new again. We want everyone to have more choice, from the latest tech that looks brand new, to something more budget friendly with a few cosmetic blemishes.

There are abounding benefits to refurbished devices that many people aren’t aware of. Here at Frift, we truly believe it is the right way to buy tech. Not only do you save money, you have a positive impact on the environment by stopping a perfectly good device going to landfill, in turn, reducing your carbon footprint!

Discover our full range of refurbished devices here and get free next day delivery, 12 month warranty and much more!

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